Breakthrough Technologies Group is a pioneer in the field of innovation and technology. Our innovative and proprietary Lynnovationtm method was created through research funded by six U.S. Government Research Laboratories and coordinated and led by Professor Gary Lynn. Breakthrough Technologies Group is your partner for implementing Lynnovationtm, giving your new technology a far greater chance for success.

We are not an invention submission company. Once you have your technology developed or patented, we can help you determine the most profitable and probable use for it – and guide you as you take it to market successfully. We are not patent lawyers nor licensing consultants, but rather player-coaches that you can count on to give your new technology the best chance for market acceptance, profitability and sustained growth.

Make the most of your innovations today with Breakthrough Technologies Group’s Lynnovationtm Roadmap. It’s product development for the 21st century.


Gary S. Lynn, Ph. D, is a tenured professor at Stevens Institute of Technology and Chairman of Innovation Metrics LLC. Dr. Lynn started and built four companies – and sold three of them. He was selected by Business 2.0 Magazine as one of the top ten management gurus in the world. Dr. Lynn was formerly Chief Innovation Officer and Senior Managing Director of Spencer Trask – a New York based venture capital company that placed $1.2 billion in over 100 technology businesses during the past decade. Dr. Lynn earned a Bachelor of Mechanical engineering degree from Vanderbilt University, a Master of Management from the Kellogg School at Northwestern, and a Ph. D. in marketing and technical new product development from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


More than half of all new products fail in the marketplace. But companies can dramatically improve their odds of success by implementing five key practices – all within their control. Drs. Gary Lynn and Richard Reilly share the results of a ten-year research study illustrated by the inside stories of nearly fifty of the most successful products ever created.

A complete guide to bringing an idea to market. Gary Lynn shows you how to document your idea, start your own company, write a business plan and get financing. He also explains the licensing and patenting processes, contract manufacturing, distribution, pricing and marketing. The book is packed with examples of how the new product innovation process really works, and shows step-by-step how to carry an idea through all phases of creating a new product. This guide will be invaluable as a business primer for the new entrepreneur, or as a checklist for the veteran marketer. The book will benefit managers, small businesses and marketing professionals.

How corporate entrepreneurs Create, protect and commercialize their breakthrough business ideas. Learn how to rekindle individual innovation and make managers and employees more creative.


"Professor Lynn is a must-hear management guru for helping companies improve their ability to develop and launch new products better and faster. He is truly an outstanding speaker." — Luis Gonzalez, Knowledge Business Director, Medellin Chamber of Commerce, Medellin, Colombia, S. America

"Not every product is a blockbuster; Gary's screening system is a sound way of differentiating the winners from the places and shows." — Len Vignola, Managing Partner, Beacon Partners, Inc., Stamford, CT

"Gary is a very dynamic and knowledgeable leader. We look forward to having an opportunity to work with him in the future." — Lee Whitmore, Director, Tactical Tank Ammunition and Development Programs, Primex Technologies

"A clear and compelling message for designers and managers." — Dr. Arthur E. Paton, Senior Program Manager, Corporate Leadership, Learning and Performance, Motorola

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